Cute Whale Jar Figurine

Whales are beautiful mysterious creatures that roam throughout all of the world’s oceans. These amazing creatures can grow to a mind blowing length of 100 feet and weigh as much as 33 elephants. Whales, being at the top of the food chain, have a significant impact on the balance of the marine ecosystem. Sadly, nearly half of the 13 great whale species are currently endangered, even after decades of protection. Like in the case of nearly every other environmental crisis, humans are responsible for the decline in whale populations. Pollution, commercial whaling and over-fishing are some of the key factors that result in the decline of whale populations.

There are many ways to support whale conservation efforts, and some of these start with us simply making a better lifestyle choice such as buying sustainable seafood, a choice that will guide responsible fishing, resulting in healthier oceans. The plastic we use at home, accidentally ends up in the stomachs of whales. Consciously using less plastic in our everyday lives and choosing to buy and use eco-friendly products makes a significant difference in maintaining healthy oceans.
Apart from making lifestyle changes, do whatever you can to be a part of the solution. Educate your self about whale conservation and share your knowledge with friends and family and through your social media channels. Wherever you live, do your part to reduce your individual impact on climate change. Join your local environment group and volunteer your time to help the planet.
Lastly, if you can afford it, donate to a whale conservation program or adopt a whale.

Now that I’ve given you some food for thought, let’s get to what you really came here for! The inspiration for this cute little jar comes from a narwhal jar that I came across on Pinterest. This is a super simple project and if you’ve got little kids who love spending time at the beach, you could organise a sea shell collection activity to use in this project later.
You could use this idea jar idea to create the cutest little whale night lamp. All you have to do is get one of those battery operated LED tea lights and place it inside your whale.

Note that this jar is upside down and is not the ideal jar for storing things inside. If you’re working with a very short round jar, you may design your whale jar to be the right side up.

Things you’ll need:

• A short round jar (with or without the lid).
• Blue paint
• Blue Polymer Clay (Preferably in 2 shades: one in the the same shade of blue as your paint and one in a different shade of blue) OR air drying clay in 2 shades of blue or white air drying clay that you can paint over.
• Black sharpie/permanent marker
• Hot glue gun and a stick of hot glue
• Optional: Sea Shells

Steps to make your whale jar:

  1. Before you get started, prep your jar. Clean, wash and dry your jar. Get rid of any labels. If you’re using a plastic jar and are struggling to get rid of the sticky label, check out my tips on Jar Hacks 101
  2. Paint your jar and jar lid blue. Let it dry and apply a second coat.
  3. Once the second coat of paint is dry, use your sharpie/permanent marker to draw eyes and a mouth on your whale.
  4. Use the blue polymer clay (same shade as your whale paint) to model a tail and fins for your whale.
  5. Use the other shade of blue polymer clay to model some water splashes, like the ones usually pictured coming out from a whale’s spout.
  6. Bake your polymer clay tail, fins and water in the oven according to your clay manufacturers instructions. Skip this step if you have used air drying clay. Instead, let your clay air dry for the time recommended by your clay manufacturer.
  7. Hot glue the tail, fins and the water splashes in place.
  8. Optional: Hot glue the seashells and and any other decorative bits you would like on your whale.

Tadaa! How simple was that?! Let me know in the comments!

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