Central Perk Themed Coffee Change Bank

I have to admit, I am one of those people who has watched the FRIENDS sitcom so many times, that I probably know all the lines by heart! Yes, I mean all the lines of all the episodes of all 10 seasons! Now that you have this piece of background information, is it really a surprise that I’ve made this classic FRIENDS coffee house inspired change bank?

This coffee change bank would a make a great gift for any FRIENDS fan, and even if they’re not a FRIENDS fan, a handy little jar for coffee change is definitely a great present for any coffee drinker!

Things you’ll need:

• A jar with the lid
• Yellow Acrylic Paint
• Stanley’s Knife
• Sand paper
• PVA Glue
• Coffee Fund Logo print out (Click here to open the image file in your browser. Right click the image and click “Save image as”. Save the the image file to your computer and print it out)

Steps to make your coffee change money bank:

Before you get started, prep your jar. Clean, wash and dry your jar. Get rid of any labels. If you’re using a plastic jar and are struggling to get rid of the sticky label, check out my tips on Jar Hacks 101

  1. Using your Stanley knife, cut a slot on your jar lid. Proceed with caution while using the Stanley knife to cut the slot.
  2. Once you’ve cut the slot, if the edges of the slot are too sharp, sand it down so make it smooth.
  3. Screw the lid on the jar and paint the complete jar yellow. Once the first coat is dry, paint a second coat.
  4. Print out and cut the Coffee Fund Logo Artwork according to the size of your jar.
  5. One the paint on the jar is completely dry, apply a thin layer of PVA glue on the back of the logo cut out and paste it onto the jar.
  6. Place completed jar on your kitchen table or office desk and let the world admire your creation.
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